Accelerate Kitsap empowers our talented and diverse community of entrepreneurs by supporting the continuing growth of local small businesses through various workshops, seminars, and courses designed to meet your business needs.

We currently offer the following programs, subject to change:

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These workshops are typically an hour to one and a half hours in length, always on Tuesdays at noon.  Topics are chosen to keep attendees abreast of the times and current trends.  These workshops are free and are currently being hosted at OfficeXpats on Bainbridge Island.  A calendar of these events can be found here.

Startup Boot Camp

Startup Boot Camp was created to help entrepreneurs prepare to become successful business owners by providing practical tools designed to focus on basic business education. This learning opportunity is designed to be an immersive 4-week program and is a paid course. Detailed info can be found here.

Grow & Thrive Your Business

Whether you are in the idea phase of business or an established business owner, these business workshops are designed to build your business. They are led by subject-area experts to help you grow your business enterprise.




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