Accelerate Kitsap (XLR8) is dedicated to cultivating, developing and educating entrepreneurs and creating an entrepreneurial spirit in Kitsap County and West Puget Sound.

Accelerate Kitsap’s goal is to prepare entrepreneurs – whether they are new to the game or established players – to become successful business owners by providing practical tools designed to focus on the basic business education and emerging trends and strategies.

At Accelerate Kitsap, we help entrepreneurs build strong sustainable business enterprises by providing training and resources, so they can develop a business strategy that builds a solid foundation for on-going success.


We also encourage and support the cultivation, development, and growth of local non-profit organizations and seek partnerships as an educational forum and venue related to the business needs of local non-profit directors, leaders, and employees/volunteers.

Accelerate Kitsap is a 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation and the only organization of its kind in the county devoted solely to assisting and developing entrepreneurs.